A Roundup of our Amazing Year in the Data Center Industry

What an incredible year it has been for us here at CIRKLA. We kicked off our year with our company launch at DCD>Towards Net Zero, and ended our year with an iMasons Award; our Data Center Marketplace wraps up an eventful year and makes way for another.

Our Data Center events

On 25th February of this year, we opened our platform to the public. We were pleased to do so at the leading sustainability event hosted by Data Center Dynamics: Towards Net Zero. Being surrounded by such incredible industry figures was a great experience for our youthful company. Since then, we have working towards our mission of making sustainability more accessible to professionals in our industry.

Not long after our launch, we found ourselves preparing for yet another DCD event. With the resurgence of the pandemic, it had felt as though only a few days had passed and yet it had been a few months.

In conjunction with DCD>New York, Mexico, and San Francisco (all available on-demand), we organised a phenomenal wine tasting event with iMasons, to honour our $5,000 contribution to the iMasons Scholarship Fund. Take a look at what we did!

Closing off our event calendar for the year, we were delighted to have a stand at the DCD>Connect event in London, which was our first face to face event and allowed us to put a face to our brand.

A year in traffic, Circular Economy, and global impact

The core foundations of our platform are to be major contributors to sustainability and Circular Economy in the Data Center industry, by creating a proactive method through which data center professionals worldwide can be sustainable. In our efforts so far, we have had more than 150,000 people visiting our platform since our February launch. An incredible achievement for our humble startup!

Through our initiatives aimed at achieving a global impact, we have successfully signed 25 global partners. This means we now operate in over 60 countries worldwide! Our partnerships have enabled us to achieve phenomenal carbon savings outlined below:

  • 154,800 KG / 341,275 LBS CO2 emissions saved
  • 929 trees saved
  • 5.5m L / 1.5m Gal water saved

We’re able to measure this success through the used of our Carbon Emissions Calculator, a feature which recently added to our platform.

And to wrap it all up, our CEO Henry Daunert was awarded with the iMasons IM100 award for our contributions to the digital infrastructure industry this year.

We’d like to thank you all for using our platform over 2021, and we certainly hope to foster stronger relationships and make an even greater impact over 2022.

Our ESG contributions to the Data Center industry, enabling Circular Economy
An amazing year in the Data Center industry.

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