Environmental Impact Calculator – Data Center Carbon Footprint

Have you seen the new Environmental Impact Calculator available on our website?

As you already know, at CIRKLA we promote and perform in favor of the Circular Economy and for this reason we believe that it is essential to show our customers the sustainability impact made when buying second-hand Data Center and IT assets.Β 

We have developed this tool not only to make current and future generations aware of the need that the Circular Economy requires, but also to warn of the danger and damage to the planet posed by not acting today.

Now CIRKLA displays the impact of your contribution towards the environment, giving buyers and sellers a proactive method of measuring data center sustainability goals, by checking offset carbon footprint metrics, water and equivalent trees saved.

In order to display this data, the seller will need to add the weight of the product uploaded, and buyers will be able to know how much environmental impact they immediately make.

Thank you.

Your contribution to the environment today is essential for tomorrow.

Data Center Carbon Footprint Calculator

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