Celebrating our 1st Anniversary in the Data Center industry

A Year of Sustainability

It is our pleasure to announce that our company turns 1 today, having spent the past 12 months striving to contribute to sustainability and circular economy. In case you may not know, our platform has been created to enable Data Center professionals around the world to buy and sell refurbished and second hand Data Center and IT equipment; enabling a proactive contribution to Circular Economy in our industry, aiming at zero waste and zero carbon emissions.

Our Marketplace is the Vehicle, Circular Economy is the Destination.

“Enabling Circular Economy by facilitating a 2nd Life for used Data Center equipment.”

Your successful contribution to Circular Economy

In our first year, our members and partners enabled a huge contribution to CO2e savings. By trading Second Life data center equipment, we were able to save:

  • 154,800kg of CO2e (341,275lbs)
  • 929 trees, and
  • 5.5million litres of water! (1,476,725 gal) 

Have a look at our 2021 recap here.

Partnerships for the goals

As part of our alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we have signed 26 partnerships with companies and consultants from all over the world. With the recent launch of our Channel Partnership program, we’ve opened our doors to even more worldwide partners, leveraging global positions to broaden our impact on the Data Center industry.

You can contact us here to express your interest in becoming a Channel Partner.

Events and awards

Sponsoring several international Data Center events with DatacenterDynamics allowed us to showcase our proactive approach to sustainability in front of a world class audience. We also ran a fundraiser wine-tasting evening with our good friends at InfrastructureMasons, donating $5,000 to the iMasons Scholarship fund.

Our CEO and Chairman, Henry Daunert, was also awarded with the iMasons IM100 award!

Our little birthday present to you

To celebrate our first year anniversary, we are delighted to present all of our members with a 95% discount on listing subscriptions, using the code CIRKLA95 at checkout. You can register for an account here.

Thank you for being part of our journey so far, and we are excited to have you on board in our mission to create a more sustainable future for our industry!

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