We have developed the Data Center industry’s first fully comprehensive online marketplace platform, enabling our users to contribute to a circular economy by extending the lifecycle of used equipment.

Our mission is to create an entirely sustainable future for the Data Center industry.

  • Circularity is about more than environmental conservation. #IWD2023

    Celebrating the women of the data centre and ICT sector. With comments from Susanna Kass, Dr Deborah Andrews, Nour Rteil, and Astrid Wynne. It goes without saying that the data centre and ICT sectors are growing faster than ever, with more than 27,000 people joining the internet daily.  This inherently triggers us to think more…

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  • Could AI-enabled data centres save Europe’s ski season?

    Assessing the impact of artificial intelligence on the carbon footprint of data centres. Key takeaways: Raise your hand if you tried to go skiing over Christmas and were faced with a mountain of mushy greenery? Sights like the picture below were not uncommon across this winter, with a vast amount of Europe’s go-to resorts not…

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  • Data Center technology: what are the innovations that will drive the sector towards efficiency and zero emissions?

    Featuring a Q&A with Henry Daunert, EVP at AQ Compute, and a successful Data Center entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the sector. Over the past few years, the data centre industry has seen the rise of innovative technologies aimed at driving advancement in sustainability.  In this article, we have interviewed Henry Daunert, who…

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  • Clearing the air around nuclear-powered Data Centres.

    Is nuclear energy a viable ‘green’ solution for the Data Centre industry? The current energy mix. Data Centres consume a lot of energy. In fact, Data Centres consume up to 200TWh of energy per year, which is expected to grow side by side with the continued expansion of the internet. Topped off by advancements in Web 3.0,…

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  • Data Centres and ICT are quickly gaining relevance in the climate change discussion. Here’s why.

    Data Demand The Data Centre and Information and Communications Technology space is rapidly growing with the increased use of the internet. Nearly half of the entire population of the world are connected to the internet, with 27,000 new users coming online every hour. Over the past decade, the number of users on social media has…

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  • Decommissioning and Removal: Enabling End to End Circularity

    In order to support our growing marketplace, we are now offering a complete end-to-end solution for depreciated assets, taking the work off your hands and enabling circular economy for the Data Center industry. We have put together a short attachment which outlines our step-by-step approach. Have a look below to find out more! Thank you,…

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